AD-Produkt, s.r.o.

Our company AD-PRODUCT is focused on manufacture, sale and rental of residential, sanitary and office containers.

Besides standard containers, our portfolio includes also 3 types of sandwich panel containers consisting of PUR panels, PIR panels and panels made of mineral wool. Fireproof features, excellent insulation and speed of installation are their main advantages.

Unique service which is offered by AD-PRODUCT is a modification of shipping containers into fully furnished residential modules. By refurbishment of shipping unused container, we give to an old piece of iron a new “life”. Already discarded containers can thus have a new modern look and at the same time they fulfill comfortable living standards.

4 reasons why to choose AD-PRODUCT

Customer comes first

Our response to your request is within 24 hours

We take into account your requirements

Technical and engineering assistance as an added bonus

Why a modular building from a container?

Fast manufacturing process


Guarantee of acceptance by building approval authorities

Quickness of delivery

We guarantee a production and delivery within 6 weeks

in case of demanding construction, we guarantee production and delivery of modules in 3 months

Living and office containers

Sandwich-panel containers

Remodeling of shipping containers into administrative or living modules


Nowdays, the rental of containers is becoming more and more popular due to its procuring speed, flexibility and price availability. For rental purposes we offer living, office, sanitary and storage containers of different type and sizes. They can at short notice provide you with.

  • Storage room
  • Construction site
  • Office
  • Gatehouse
  • Cloakrooms
  • Temporary living space
  • Garden houses
  • Cottages

Additionally, we are able to furnish your container with following office equipment at

  • Písací stôl


  • Otočná stolička


  • Kontajner pod písací stôl

    Office under the desk cupboard

  • Kancelárska skrinka

    Office cabinet

  • Dvojdverová skriňa


  • Mreže na okná a dvere

    Safety window / door bars

  • Klimatizácia

    Air conditioning

  • Minikuchynka

    Small kitchen

  • Chladnička